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Welcome to our
We have created an
atmosphere of
healing.  Come in
and enjoy the
comforts  that our
office can provide
you and your family.
Hope deferred
makes the
heart sick but
a longing
fulfilled is a
tree of life.    
Proverbs 13:12
"We are continuously changing lives through
the powers of the chiropractic adjustment.  
Let us see how we can help you!"
Dr. Heath
Quad Cities Upper Cervical Specialists
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All New Patients are
welcome to TLC.  To make
your initial visit more
efficient, please print off the
following f
our pages.
Front office NUCCA clinic downtown Rock Island Davenport Bettendorf
Please fill out the information below to  request additional
information about our practice.  You will be contacted promptly, or
you may call us directly at
Our Commitment
The mission of Tree of Life Chiropractic:

    To be a premier community-based
    healthcare facility giving the love
    and compassion our members need
    while serving as an example
    influencing and assisting the
    profession as God has directed us to

Our family consists of Doctors Heath and
Cindy, our four children Patrick, Ryan, and
Morgan, Jack and all the people who walk
through our practice doors.  We believe
strongly in family values, and  in our
commitment to fulfilling the purpose God has
placed us on this earth.  Watching our
children grow from birth has shown us the
amazing potential and innate knowledge
present in our bodies.  What we do is to
remove any interference. God has given us
the gift of life, let us use it well!
Our Focus
Providing the highest quality chiropractic
care in the area
Removing nerve interference that
reduces the body's natural expression
Assisting patients and students to
achieve better understanding on the
benefits of upper cervical chiropractic
Promote the understanding of NUCCA
Chiropractic Protocol.
Office Times:
Call to schedule appt

Rock Island
Monday    8:30 - 5:30
Thursday  8:30 - 5:30

Tuesday   9 - 5
Friday      9 - 5

Mon & Wed
By Appointment
Rock Island
Making Change
Welcome to our Practice
If you are coming to us from Dr. Gilbert's
office, please click on the
LINK and then print
off the Application, Privacy and Policies links to
the right and fill them in before you come into
our office.  

We want you to have a smooth transition and
want to warmly welcome you and your family
into our family.

If you have any questions, you cannot download
the links, you are more than welcome to fill
them in on your first visit.

We look forward in helping you continue to
achieve a better balance in life!

Blessings,  Dr. Heath Treharne
Serving Rock Island, Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, East Moline and the rest of the area for the past 10 years.