To Schedule a Free Consultation, Call (309) 786-8733 or (815) 589-5255
Schedule a Free Consultation. Call (309) 786-8733 or (815) 589-5255
Getting Started is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

We are focused on seeking the cause of your health issues.  We want you to be able to sit down and have a consultation with one of our doctors to see if NUCCA care is right for
you.  You can simply call the office to schedule a consultation, continue to learn more from our website and email us with any concerns, or print out the following paperwork after
calling the office for your initial visit.  In any case, we want you to be comfortable and confident that this is the place you are to be.  It does take you making the first step.
Rock Island - Fulton, Illinois

1804 3rd Avenue
Rock Island, IL 61201
Phone: (309) 786-8733
Fax: (309) 786-7980
Email: dr.heath@treeoflifechiropractic.net
Web: nucca.co
Tree of Life is hosting another VERY, VERY
Special Patient Celebration Dinner on March 29th
at 6:30p.  This will be featuring long-time local
Upper Cervical Chiropractor,
Dr. Robert Gilbert.

The event will be at the new
Holiday Inn on Elmore
Ave, Davenport and will start at 6:30p.

FREE tickets, follow the link below, or call our
office to sign-up.  To make this a
FREE event, you
must bring at least one other person you know that
you believe would be a good fit for the care we give.